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‘And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15.

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Church Websites

People are increasingly turning to the Web as a key source of every kind of information including spiritual.

Today, about 1 in 6 adults spends some time online exploring matters of Faith. If your Church doesn’t have a church website, you are missing a key opportunity. Church-Builder.com and our church website builder makes it easy for every church to take their message online.

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Easy Church Websites
With our church website builder you can build a great-looking site with everything you need to reach your congregation – no programming or design skills required.

And if you’re not completely satisfied, you’re protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fast Church Websites
In just 3 minutes you can get your Church website online. Change the look of the site, or add a page or a feature with just 1 click of your mouse.


Church Websites provide a simple way to provide answers to your congregation’s most basic questions whenever they need them, including:

Sunday Service Schedules
Contact Information including Telephone Number, Address, and Map
Sunday School Schedules
Child Care Facilities
Special Events such as Pot Lucks or Socials
Guest Sermons
Outreach Programs such as Youth Groups
Services such as Pre/Marital Counselling or Support Groups
Bible Study Group Schedules
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In consideration of the special needs of your Church, you can get your church website at 33% off the regular price. That means you can get your message online for as little as $24.98/month.

And no commitments or long-term contracts. You can cancel your site at any time.

More than 35 features plus tips to make your church website easier to find online and partnerships to help you spread the word are included with your site for just $24.98 /month.

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Church Websites is a great way to reach out to lost souls seeking answers, and to believers simply looking for a new church. Your cwebsite can provide them with a quick outline of the beliefs of your church, the sort of services and facilities you provide, and ways for them to learn more.

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Your Church-Builder website comes complete with 35+ features and page layouts. Your church website can look exactly how you want!

Help people find their way to you by setting up a website with:

Feedback Forms – an easy way for members to ask questions, or request information about special events such as scheduling weddings
Discussion Board – let your congregation help each other by discussing their problems and questions online
Calendar – let them plan for upcoming events
Photo Album – attract new members by displaying the best features of your church, or photos from your most recent Church event
Multimedia – post a recording of your latest sermon online so even those unable to attend your services can learn from it
Mailing List/Newsletter – keep in touch with updates about news and events affecting the Church
Autoresponder – automatically send daily readings to the congregation or lesson plans to the Sunday School students
Articles – use the easy layout to post inspirational articles
Church Website Design – Great website designs are easy with the church website builder
And 30+ more features designed to help you help your congregation
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Get A Domain and Church Web Hosting

For only $17.99 per year you can get your own domain name and Church Website Hosting. Having your own domain name will help attract new congregants to your flock.

Hire A Designer
For only $499, you can get a beautiful church website design custom-designed for you. Your church can update it in minutes each month.

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We want you to be happy with your church website, so we invite you to sign up for a free website builder trial to use the features and see how they work.

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